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This Used to be Dallas by Harry Hall

Each page of This Used to Be Dallas will challenge your view of this modern metropolis. Uncover the stories of perseverance, deliverance, tragedy, and past glory behind Dallas buildings that were once something else. It might be a fallen dream, like the remnants of a waterpark that briefly dazzled locals in the early twentieth century, or a coffin supply company that once advertised services “Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.” There’s a the hotel that was built only after the city yielded to the demands of beer baron and the nondescript Oak Cliff home that once housed America’s greatest female athlete. What might your favorite Dallas buildings house in the future? Each structure has its own background, its own future, its own story. Explore your favorite Dallas spots with a new vision, or discover a surprising past just beyond the familiar walls of the fascinating places throughout the city.



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This Used to Be Dallas Book